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The redcat racing rockslide RS10 XT

The RC rock crawler is one of the most favorite vehicles of people from all walks of life. For some people, they have a deep passion on the speed, but not all of the people can be brave enough to take part in the racing team. That is the reason why they try to find out the Best RC rock crawler to satisfy their passion. I believe that the redcat racing rockslide RS10 XT is the most suitable one for all people with the regardless of the level.
It is very easy for you to find out a redcat racing rockslide RS10 on the market. In recent years, this RC rock crawler has gained the popularity to become the most favorite one. This RC rock crawler has owned a lot of outstanding features to meet all the requirements of the buyers.


1. Features

The most important feature of this redcat racing rockslide RS10 is the position of the battery. Thanks to this position, it can keep you in a balanced position. In addition, this feature can make a great contribution to help your crawler more and more stable.
Furthermore, because its weight is very light; therefore, your crawler can be taken a fair beating, and then, you do not need to worry about breaking your crawlers. Moreover, the aluminum body is filled with the oil, which can help to balance your crawler. To control this type of the RC super crawler, you will have a 2.4 GHZ remote with at least 3 channels.
The battery pack is very low, which has a heavy top. Many brands have a tendency to put the heavy top, but it is not really effective. For the redcat RS10 XT, it is different from the other ones because it sits well. Furthermore, with the low weight, your crawler will be provided more power and you can drive your crawler to pass through all terrains such as mud, snow and the rain.
I read some articles and I also weigh my redcat RS10 XT crawler. Its weight is about 6 pounds. Generally speaking, this crawler is lighter than others. Many people are afraid of the light weight of this crawler; however, I think that it does not matter because it is still heavy enough.

2. Advantages of the redcat RS10 XT crawler

If you pay money for buying this RC rock crawler, then, you will have countless chances to explore its advantages. One of the most important benefits which make people fall in love with it is the features. Every year, the manufacturer always tries to upgrade its parts to make it greater.

In addition, the same as other rock crawler, it can make you feel more interesting when you can be a mechanism. It means that all parts of the redcat RS10 XT crawler are very cheap; therefore, you can buy other parts to replace for the old one. You can learn how to install an RC rock crawler by removing the broken part and putting the new one into the RC rock crawler.
Moreover, you also can change several parts of this RC rock crawler to make it more suitable with the condition of the terrains which you intend to go. You can spend money on buying the battery to last the using time longer. Besides, each time when you change parts of this crawler, you do not need to go to the shops or ask other people to help you because all what you have to do is to follow the instruction of the manufacturers.
The last advantages of this crawler are that its price is reasonable. You do not need to spend a great deal of money on buying the redcat rock crawler. Although its price is not very high, its quality is guaranteed properly. Its motors are quite strong; therefore, you can have wonderful experiences for climbing the rock with the redcat rock crawler in the near future as you want.

3. The disadvantages

Aside from the advantages, this redcat crawler still remains a lot of disadvantages that the manufacturers need to discover and have a good method to prevent them as soon as possible.
Firstly, some redcat rock crawler has several mistakes, but the manufacturers do not pay attention or fix the mistakes. I saw some complaints of the customers on the website of this brand. Many people are not satisfied because of this brand’s service.
Furthermore, the wheel of my redcat RC crawler is the same as a balloon. In some situations, I believe that it is impossible for this crawler to climb or even move around. When I called the sellers to ask why the wheels of my crawlers are so strange, she does not explain anything. She just blamed for the weights.

I suggest that if you want to buy this redcat crawler, you should take the wheels into the consideration to make for sure that it does not like my crawler. Besides, you also can buy other wheels to replace. I think that it is quite cheap for people to fix it.
With the regardless of the disadvantages, this RC crawler is still worthy to invest. It is frankly to say that the redcat RS10 XT is pretty good. You may be surprised with the amount of money that you have to pay for this crawler. Besides, you also can be very happy with the ability of the RS10 XT. In my personal opinion, I think that this crawler can adapt all your needs.
If you are not a beginner, you should ignore this crawler because its speed cannot fit your requirements. On the other hand, a beginner will need this crawler to practice their driving skill. You can see how effective it is. Your skill can be better and better after a short time of practicing with this crawler.

Final thoughts

This crawler is a good option for all people. Wish that this sharing is useful for you. Before purchasing, you had better take all kinds of crawler into the account and depend on your needs to opt for the most suitable one.

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