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The general information about serger

Keywords Serger Reviews is one of the keywords pretty hot today. But many people still do not properly understand the serger. This article will give you an overview of the serger.


Each costume is made on sewing and cutting operations. Sergers are machine sewn phase response was cut fabric pieces together to create the finished product. Today Serger has been developed with many models and types and many different seam zig zag, herringbone, straight sewing and sewing. The machines including mechanical machinery, electrical machinery with a different degree of automation.

It is sometimes referred to under the name Serger overlockers. Serger creates conditions so that you can make clothing for the whole family at home. The diversity of function of Serger making them also more different rates. In order to choose the most economical one Serger, you should learn thoroughly, focusing primarily on the needs of the self.

How to use a Serger

Serger functional clothing. With the conventional sewing machine, it almost only provides straight seam. However, Serger provides the more diverse seam, stitches and a lot more durable. Sometimes you can see the Serger capable of cutting fabric, very good support for the family needlework and sewing. Many Serger capable of connecting to computers and automation in the creation of complex seam.

Sergers are often designed to be compatible with many different fabrics from silk, satin, and organza or stitched denim with different styles.

Serger also is used to tailor products like blankets, mattresses, pillows, curtains or other decorative objects. A serger can even use templates to create embroidery or a special ornament on the product. Overall, the impact is quite large to the availability of Serger function. Therefore, if you just need a serger for garment family, you do not need too many functions.

Factors to consider when buying a Serger

Easy to use

Whether the user is the women of the family or a professional seamstress is also always need an easy to use the tool. Nobody wants to spend a lot of money to buy all the trouble, right? This is also a very important factor deciding the sales of the serger.

Differential Feed

To diversify products, the use of different fabrics allow users to get the different products. So the selection of fabrics that are suitable for you or use is really necessary. Select Serger sewing silk and satin and select Serger for silk is different.


Automatic Threading

Threading is sometimes hard work and time-consuming, especially with people with visual impairments. Such auto-threading feature is also should consider when deciding to buy a Serger.

The Number of Stitches

Stitches are stitches of Serger designs. Currently, sewing needs not just stop at the seam straight. Users often diversified its products with different seam zig zag, herringbone, Scorpio. So here’s what you should consider when deciding to buy a certain kind Serger.

The Number of Threads

Number of Threads showed the ability to handle multiple threads at the same time to create different products. Machine 2 is the most popular thread. However if to outline, or stretchy clothing should choose different machines.



Of course, the budget is indispensable in making decisions. When you have a limited budget, you should select the products most suitable function for you. To not waste the resources of the machine, remove the expensive machine with multiple functions not required for you.


These attachments will be useful if you want to upgrade or add functionality to support the machine. This will be a point worth considering if you have a long-term perspective.

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