The general information about serger

Keywords Serger Reviews is one of the keywords pretty hot today. But many people still do not properly understand the serger. This article will give you an overview of the serger.

Each costume is made on sewing and cutting operations. Sergers are machine sewn phase response was cut fabric pieces together to create the finished product. Today Serger has been developed with many models and types and many different seam zig zag, herringbone, straight sewing and sewing. The machines including mechanical machinery, electrical machinery with a different degree of automation.

It is sometimes referred to under the name Serger overlockers. Serger creates conditions so that you can make clothing for the whole family at home. The diversity of function of Serger making them also more different rates. In order to choose the most economical one Serger, you should learn thoroughly, focusing primarily on the needs of the self.

SINGER 14SH654 Serger

Utilizing wooden pallets for decorating your house

Among those materials for decorating the house, some grainy bars of old pallet are often thrown away since they are becoming useless. However, homeowners can utilize those pallet bars for creating the focus point for their living area by using their best router table.


Take advantage of the wooden pallets for decorating the house is very popular towards a great number of people. However, the rustic and elegant sense of those furniture items seems to make people more interest. If you also want to experience that feeling, let’s try making those decorations from today for adorning your space.

Decorate your house with hanging pictures

When mentioning about decorating the house, homeowners often think of decorations which are easy to buy and common towards a great number of people. Some people will choose to hang on lighting system or plants. Others will interest in hanging the pictures for their living space. With traditional people, they tend to sew pictures for decorating their house.


Creating hanging pictures with one of the best sewing machine for beginners allows you to create various designs for the house.

Essential appliances for your kitchen

Kitchen is the place where most family often gathers around after a hard day. Therefore, it is suggested that the kitchen should be cleaned and tidy for all the time. However, with lots of kitchen appliances such as some best electric pressure cooker, oven or deep fryer, homeowners will find it hard to keep their kitchen clean for all the time.

Electric cooker

How to refinish your household FURNITURE.

Everyone loves their house looking beautiful and expensive not just from the outside, but also to the inside. TheHome bai 5_1re are plenty of ways to do. For those who have large budget, you can buy expensive furniture to decorate the house, make it more luxurious. However, for the rest who cannot afford this, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy the beauty as well as the luxury in your house.

By some DIY decorations, you can turn your old stuff into the new ones. And re-stain or refinish household furniture is one of the most popular ways to give your stuff the second chance to restore the life. This article will give you the structure to do it. However, before starting, you need to consider whether you intend-to-refinish stuff is expensive or not. If it is costly, you’d better give it to a handy man or do carefully deftly lest you can ruin it.

Apply Stripper

Usually, for the handy man with big projects, they use a specialized stripper to do the first step in re-straining stuff. However, if you just make it for yourself, the aerosol spray paint stripper is the most suitable kind because it is easy to use.

Firstly, you need to spray the stripper to the whole surface of the stuff and wait for 5 to 10 minutes to see the old finish start to lift up the wood.

How to make your TINY bathroom look more LARGER

The bathroom is where you can dispel all the tiredness after a stress working day or the hard studying. It will bring up to you the wonderful short period of time to enjoy the relaxation as well as a quick energy restoration. Like a paradise, a large and convenient bathroom is an ideal place to give you the most available comfort.

Home bai 4_1
However, if your living space just can afford you a small bathroom, it does not mean that you are not able to enjoy the most relaxing bath time. You can make it look larger if you painstakingly follow those sneaky tips below:

Some EASY DIY upgrades to make you house MORE EXPENSIVE

Everyone loves their house looking beautiful and expensive. A house looking expensive does not depend on whether it is small or large; it is up to its furniture and the way the owner decorate it. Sometimes, adding expensive furniture does not make your house look more luxurious but spending some times to do the small DIY upgrades is very effective on the contrary.

This article will give you some small tips on DIY upgrades to make your house look more expensive.

Create with your drapesHome bai 3_1

For those who have tall windows and high ceiling, hanging some drapes will make your house more beautiful. However, just the dead-hung drapery panels are so normal, how about creating them in your own way such as basket-weave these drapes? Just spending some hours on the weekend to making DIY painstakingly, your drapes will have a new life with the unique and expensive look.

Depending on the structure of the windows and the drapes’ shapes, there are different ways to create your drapes. For example, with wide but not tall windows, you can mix two different colors of drapes alternately to make the window look taller as well as nicer.

With these ways, you do not have to spend much money decorating your curtain to be beautiful but also be able to bear your personality exclusively.

Closet Organisation

It is awesome to have a closet that keeps your clothes in good repair. However, organizing the closet to contain your entire mountain of clothes is really a headache problem. You feel it powerless to arrange all of them and then a few days later, they become messy again or difficult to find your favorite outfit among the already arranged ones.

It is absolutely wrong if you ignore the closet organization. A suitable and clever closet organization not only helps you to easily get the ones you want, but also give your closet free up space to contain clothes. Some simple ideas for upgrading the closets’ style as well as the organization below may help youHome bai 2_1

Arrange clothes

This is the simplest way to make your closet look tidy. Also, it is easy for you to be able to pick the outfit you need.

5 sneaky TIPS for small space living

Small space living is not easy, especially if you have a lot of stuff. However, just because you live in a small house or department does not mean you have to feel like you do. Staying organized and arranging furniture smartly and creatively, you can make your life in the tiny space living so much more enjoyable. Here are some sneaky tips and tricks to hack your home space and maybe you will find that you can create more rooms than you need.


Home bai 1_1

A rather clever and interesting way to improve the space living is using the vertical space in your house or department, above your furniture.

Create some shelves in the ceiling to put your books, magazines, frames, decorations or any other appliances that you do not need to use daily. Then right under those shelves, you can put a set of sofa or a bed so that you can step on it and take what you want easily. By this way, you do not only make use of the vertical space thoroughly, but also create general-purpose for your furniture.

Alongside the ceiling shelves, there are many other types of shelve for limited space:

  • Corner shelves
  • Above-the-door shelves
  • Clever spice shelves
  • Floating Vanity Shelves
  • Over-The-Faucet Shelf